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More Needle Felting Projects

I have been making tuffets using pieces of felt that I have made in the past and also some new felt pieces. The edgings of the tuffets are hand woven bands that I sourced from a daughter of an acquaintance that brought them back from Morocco. The last tuffet that I just finished (number 9!)…

Needle Felting Garment Projects

March 2021 – I recently finished a coat that I started on the needle felting machine and finished on the wet felting rolling machine. I started with washed but uncarded “California Red” sheep fleece. I also had some natural white merino pre-felt that I laid the fleece on. I selected locks and gently pulled them…

Rolling Machine Instructions

Felt Rug Making: Flat Felt made from medium to coarse wool: First, be sure you have wool that will felt. Certain sheep breeds have wool that is not good for feltmaking. Superwash wool has been treated so it will not felt. It is a good idea to test a small sample for felting characteristics before…

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