More Needle Felting Projects

I have been making tuffets using pieces of felt that I have made in the past and also some new felt pieces. The edgings of the tuffets are hand woven bands that I sourced from a daughter of an acquaintance that brought them back from Morocco. The last tuffet that I just finished (number 9!) […]

Needle Felting Garment Projects

March 2021 – I recently finished a coat that I started on the needle felting machine and finished on the wet felting rolling machine. I started with washed but uncarded “California Red” sheep fleece. I also had some natural white merino pre-felt that I laid the fleece on. I selected locks and gently pulled them […]

Rolling Machine Instructions

Felt Rug Making: Flat Felt made from medium to coarse wool: First, be sure you have wool that will felt. Certain sheep breeds have wool that is not good for feltmaking. Superwash wool has been treated so it will not felt. It is a good idea to test a small sample for felting characteristics before […]

FeltCrafts Hair Mat Machines

In Collaboration with “The Clean Wave Program”. The FeltCrafts Hair Mat Machine is used to make needle-felted “Eco Mats” from waste human hair obtained from hair salons. In addition, it can make Eco Mats from waste camelid fiber and waste fiber from sheep and other farm animal fiber. The hair or fiber is laid […]

Technical descriptions of felt making machines

Rolling Machine: Technical Description of FeltCrafts Rolling Machine         Item No. 1007 This is a rolling machine for producing felt from carded wool or other animal fibers by wetting the fibers placed on a rolling mat and rolling the mat in the machine. The Speed of the machine varies from zero to 180 RPM. The crated […]


Professional Feltmaking Machines – We have been in business for over 15 years building feltmaking machines for artists, mills, colleges and universities and other businesses. We ship worldwide. Table Top Needle Felting Machines We build the needle felting machines in three sizes: 36 inch working length – price: US$4000 48 inch working length – […]

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