FeltCrafts Hair Mat Machines

In Collaboration with MatterOfTrust.org “The Clean Wave Program”.

The FeltCrafts Hair Mat Machine is used to make needle-felted “Eco Mats” from waste human hair obtained from hair salons. In addition, it can make Eco Mats from waste camelid fiber and waste fiber from sheep and other farm animal fiber. The hair or fiber is laid out on a guide ramp in front of the machine and a motorized roller moves it through the needle punching area and out the back of the machine. When the hair or fiber moves through the needle punching area it is compacted into an Eco Mat. These mats are used to pick up oil from spills in the oceans and other areas.


  1. Good day, I live in the UK and the concept of hair mats is still quite unusual. I am keen to start creating mats and would like to know how to purchase a Feltcraft hair mat machine? Could you help me please?
    Kind regards


    1. Hello Philippa,
      Thank you for your interest in our needle felting machine designed to make Hair mats. The price of the machine is US$3675 plus shipping. The machine includes extra needles, three ramps for feeding the hair into and out of the machine and instructions. It is wired for your country. It is completely assembled; just uncrate it plug it in and start felting. All machines are custom made for the customer. We accept payment up front, purchase the parts and build the machine. They take 4 to 6 weeks to build depending on other orders ahead of yours.
      We accept all forms of payment, PayPal, Bank Transfer, etc.
      Best regards,

      FeltCrafts LLC


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