Professional Feltmaking Machines – http://www.feltcrafts.com

We have been in business for over 15 years building feltmaking machines for artists, mills, colleges and universities and other businesses. We ship worldwide.

Table Top Needle Felting Machines

We build the needle felting machines in three sizes:

36 inch working length – price: US$4000

48 inch working length – price: US$5100

60 inch working length – US$5600

All prices do not include shipping. Shipping is calculated for your location.

Wet Felting Rolling Machines

We have been building wet felting rolling machines for nearly 20 years

The machines start at 28 inch roller length for US$1800. US$50 is added for each additional inch up to 60 inch roller length.

A 28 inch roller length rolling machine

Contact us for information or ordering: Email: Feltcrafts@aol.com
FeltCrafts LLC
P. O. Box 772
(1117 NMSR 162)
Tierra Amarilla, NM 87575, USA

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