More Needle Felting Projects

I have been making tuffets using pieces of felt that I have made in the past and also some new felt pieces. The edgings of the tuffets are hand woven bands that I sourced from a daughter of an acquaintance that brought them back from Morocco. The last tuffet that I just finished (number 9!) is made from local Churro wool roving. In the images below you can see that I arranged strips of roving in one color under the steel top roller bar in the front of the machine. Then I wove the opposite color into the first color. I needle felted two pieces for the tuffet. One for the top and a long strip to wrap around the tuffet. I painted the tuffet feet orange and put a few thin strips of a matching orange wool roving at different places.

The needle felted fabric was wet felted afterwards so it would hold up as a strong upholstery fabric.

Churro roving from Tierra Wools in Chama New Mexico. Arranged on the needle felting machine.
Needle felted piece for the top of the tuffet coming out the back of the machine.
Finished Churro Wool tuffet with Moroccan bands.

A Few More Tuffets

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